Clara MacDonell
Clara MacDonell


Hey there, I'm Clara MacDonell.


Clara [clair-uh] : n - a left handed designer with a passion for caffeinated drinks, funny gifs & good design.

Ever since I can remember, I had a passion for creating. I took up many passions at a young age whether that was playing the piano, playing sports, or creating art. As I grew up, my passion for art became a passion for all things design.

I went to North Carolina State University to pursue my design career an the College of Design with a Bachelors of Graphic Design. Every year, I gained more knowledge and grew not only as a designer but also as a person. I graduated with a more whole understanding of what it meant to merge my logical side with my creative side. 

Travel is a definite passion of mine, I am always open to explore new places and change my frame of mind. I hope to continue to cross countries off of my list as I gain knowledge on new places and the culture of the area. 

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