Clara MacDonell
Clara MacDonell
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(all)chemist app


educational tablet application

(All)chemist was created to generate a new school textbook experience. The app is a suite of chemistry tools which allow for students to create a lab where ever they are. (All)chemist aims to connect students to each other while also allowing them to be explore the topic of chemistry. This project was a great learning process for me because I had to think about using an app as an educational tool and how it could get students excited about learning.

Researchiterationuser testing, & branding were all used for process in creating this educational app.

science share

branding campaign


This project taught me how to follow an idea through from beginning to end. I had to make sure all of my thoughts and designs aligned in to one complete look & feel.

The next phase of the project was to fully brand the app and market events that display the educational tool. The campaign included social media action as well as a "science share" event. The event was a pop-up science fair where individuals display chemistry topics in unique ways. Below some of the promotional items for the event are shown.